Sunday, January 23, 2011

My First Contest - Afterwards

So all in all, the exhibition/contest was a great success.  For some reason, only one of my photos was displayed but I had heard that some people didn't have any of their work displayed at all.  So I guess I should be thankful to have had the one.

I had some friends stop by who I hadn't seen in over a year, and co workers drove about an hour to come to the show which was a huge deal to me as it was really unexpected that they would accept the invitation.  There was a huge turnout overall at the studio, so that was good to see.  A woman from an independent film company had given me her card and expressed interest in licensing my frog photo (the company is Bullfrog Films), so who knows where things go from there.  That was pretty unexpected and totally awesome!

I've come across something that I think is an interesting point to look at in the future.  Photography as art.  I certainly know that that has been discussed over and over through the years, but it never occurred to me before that in a setting such as this, photography could be looked upon by upturned noses from the more traditional artistic establishment.  I'm not taking a stance on that one way or the other at this point in time, but it is something for me to explore further some day.

I didn't "win" anything other than exposure for myself, the possibility of some future revenue, and a good time with friends I hadn't seen in a while.  Experience gained could be counted as a win for me as well.  But since there was no division of artistic mediums, I'm pretty sure there's just no way a photo will win over the paintings and drawings that were present.

Oh, and another thing learned from this night was to pay attention to what shoes you are putting on before stepping inside the gallery.  At one point, I managed to put on two different pair of shoes which no one seemed to be aware of.  Then again, I probably fit right in with the rest of the artsy crowd!  LOL


  1. So, overall, the show was a success!
    And, you know, they didn't notice your shoes because they were looking up at the photos. That's a good thing! :)

  2. cool. i hope you keep taking pictures :)

  3. I knew the frog was a good picture!! :) Hope that goes well.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys!

    TheDude, I certainly won't stop taking pictures unless I happen to go blind!