Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oddities of the internet

I say oddities, but I'm not sure if that's really the best word.  Anyways, one of my most favorited photos on flickr happens to also be one of my favorite photos of my girlfriend.  But the reason this photo has garnered so much attention is not due to my masterful use of lighting or some deep understanding of the relationship between how a viewer sees a photo and the placement of important objects within the composition.  Nope, it comes down simple fetishism, of a sort I never realized existed.  The photo in question can be seen below, but my girlfriend and I had just arrived at Camelback Mountain for some snowtubing and I snapped a photo of her when we got out of the car.  She was freezing, so she had her scarf on and the hood of her jacket up.  Apparently, there are those out there that are really into that sort of thing.  Go figure!  Anyways, if any of you happen to stop by, thanks for the Fav and also for teaching me something new!

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